Meet Youmie Jean Francois

We are so excited to introduce all of you to the vibrant light that is Youmie Jean Francois.
Youmie is the founder and CEO of Flex-N-Fly. Through Flex-N-Fly, Youmie brings stretching and relaxation classes to travelers before they board their flights. Haitian-born, New York City raised, Youmie is a go-getter entrepreneur and consultant who loves reminding people of their power! She is also a consultant that helps other wellness entrepreneurs monetize their gifts. You can get a feel of her energy and uplifting gifts through her podcast and YouTube channel!
Q: Tell us about your passion for accessible yoga and wellness!
A: My passion for wellness came because of my background in the entertainment industry and my love of traveling. I learned stretching and yoga when I was a professional back-up dancer for celebrities. I learned how to eat better, how to start taking my health seriously. Traveling has always been my favorite thing to do. The airport is my favorite place to be. So I figured, why not take care of the people that suffer from anxiety when it comes to traveling, why not create a community in a place of chaos. I also realized that as a black woman, it was important for people to see that people in my community care about their wellness as well.
Q:What occurred in your life that led you to creating this unique business? And how has the original idea for the business transformed over time?
A: I have been an avid traveler for a long time. My trips were often long and I experienced a lot of back pain. I was on my way to Lisbon, Portugal and I stopped in Morocco. I realized that I need space to stretch. It was there that I realized that I wanted a space that catered to the wellness of travelers. I also realized that I was the person to do it. So I did. The business transformed to phase 2 quickly because of the pandemic. We had to start our inflight wellness section of Flex-N-Fly. It was always a plan but it came much sooner than expected.
Q:What is the most important lesson or insight you've gained through throughout the years and process of building your community and business?
A: Connect with people, don't collect them. Although my community is small they are mighty. I realized that when it comes to building a community online, It's important to reach out to people. Don't wait for people to come to you. Build that trust. Get to know people and really support them and their endeavors. Connect with people, don't collect them. They're not numbers. They're real, they want to be seen just like you. The internet can make you forget that.
Q:What new traits have you discovered about yourself during the ongoing pandemic?
A:I really love being around people, specifically new people. I also realized that I carry stress in my body. I use to think it was all in my head. But I carry it so much in my body. I have had to work out more because of that.
Q: If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would that be?
A: Be patient. Things always align for you.
Q: Seeing how we are currently living in such interesting times, what do you do for self-care and mental well-being?
A:I've actually picked up running and I really like it. I often take nightly walks. In the morning, I wake up early and go to the park and do some stretching and prayer while the sun comes up. It's amazing.
Q:And lastly, we love a good quote! Please share with us a quote that you live by or refer to!
A: Wow. I have so many. "After you pray, sit in silence. Then it's God's turn to speak. Real spirituality is a conversation. Instruction comes when God speaks." - Youmie Jean Francois